Natural Potatoes | Product of Australia | Grown and Packed by Karri Country Gourmet Potatoes.

Karri Country Gourmet Potatoes

When you can’t compromise on taste, Karri Country Gourmet Potatoes are the freshest, most natural choice for any dish.


For 60 Years and three generations our family has been growing potatoes in Manjimup, WA, where the nutrient-rich karri loam soil makes for sustainable farming and a healthier, tastier potato.


We are all about what’s best for the potato, and our secret is to keep it in its natural environment until you’re ready to cook it.

We have now finished our digging for the season. Its time to collect irrigation pipes, seed down the paddocks and service the harvester and tractors. All this before we start to plant again for next season. We hope to see you with fresh new potatoes in time for Christmas!



Out of the ground and straight to you

Our potatoes are hand graded and packed on the farm with the soil on to reduce handling and most importantly, protect them from light. Our paper bags are specially designed to maintain the cool, dark environment potatoes love.


With a number of varieties, you’ll find a range of sizes in each bag to suit all your cooking needs.